Our domestic campaign is an open invitation that speaks directly to Burundians and Residents to share the love for Burundi by exploring the wonders found in our country. The campaign officially launched on April 2020 and will continue to run until October 2025.


The domestic campaign aims to:

  • Increase Burundian travel during shoulder seasons
  • Increase visitation to non-compressed areas
  • Connect with Burundians to inspire pride and highlight the sentiment of Burundi. For Glowing Hearts.

 This campaign highlights the diversity of experiences and provinces found in Burundi through the promotion of content that represents all provinces and territories. Content is promoted in both official languages.

As the country hopes to abandon its dependence on agriculture and increase the number of visitors to 1 and half million by 2035, Burundi is developing other parallel strategies, such as providing easier entry for citizens of other countries, which has made it the second most open country in the East Africa Bloc in terms of visas according to a new report by the African Development Bank (AfDB).

Travel & Tourism industry of Burundi directly impacts its economy, employment and exports, TemberaUburundi 2023 will further strengthen the competitiveness of tourism industry by bringing together firstly the inbound and outbound tourism together by providing a market place for mutual relationship among tourism businesses at home and abroad to promote their tourism resources and cultures.




Increased economic benefits that flow from domestic tourism dispersal beyond Bujumbura and throughout the other seventeen provinces.


To grow domestic tourist visitation and expenditure for the benefit of the industry.

• To maintain the value of the tourism industry through marketing support across all available distribution platforms.


The goals of the Domestic Tourism Marketing Strategy are to:

1. Provide short-term revenue streams for tourism industry;

2. Encourage the domestic market to make a habit of using tourism businesses as part of their everyday lives;

3. Encourage the domestic market to see more of Burundi, and to drive dispersal of domestic tourists beyond Bujumbura City.